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MTEC contribution to Higher Education Recognised

21 Nov 2014

On the 20th November 2014 MTEC was awarded the (B/HERT) 2014 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Higher Education & Training.

Representatives Dr. Gavin Lind, James Seaford, and Marianne Coupe attended the Business-Higher Education Roundtable (B/HERT) awards dinner at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in view of its nomination for the award.

The Business/Higher Education Round Table is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1990 to strengthen ties between business and higher education. The B/HERT Awards were established in 1998 to recognise outstanding achievement in collaboration between business and higher education in the fields of research & development and education & training. 

The night was attended by approximately 280 guests, an indubitable list of who's who within Australia's higher education landscape, and infact the biggest turn out in the award ceremony's history. The awards presented included:

  • Best Research & Development Collaboration
  • Best Higher Education & Training Collaboration
  • Best Community Engagement Collaboration
  • Excellence in Accounting Teaching Collaboration
  • Best Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year Award
  • Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education

This award acknowledges the unwavering commitment of MCA members to minerals higher education in Australia, through all phases of the industry’s business cycles.

MTEC was established by the MCA in 2000 to secure supply and ensure quality of technical professional staff for the Australian minerals industry. The core objective is to build capacity in higher education through nationally collaborative programs in mining engineering, metallurgy and minerals geoscience.

MCA members provide an important and significant source of unencumbered funds as well as in-kind support to fifteen Australian university partners.

MTEC initiatives have delivered significant increases in student numbers. Since 2007, enrolments in the Minerals Geoscience Honours program have increased 86 per cent. The Mining Education Australia program which produces 85 per cent of all four-year trained Australian mining engineers has achieved a 130 per cent increase in final year student numbers.

MTEC underscores the strong, deep and lasting commitment of the minerals industry to working closely with Australia's university sector for mutual benefit.  It is just part of the significant social benefit Australians derive from mining and from individual mining companies.

MTEC’s partner institutions are: the Australian National University, Curtin University, James Cook University, Monash University, Murdoch University, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Tasmania and the University of Western Australia.

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