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MTEC Review 2015

16 Mar 2015

In 2013/14 the Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC) undertook reviews of all its programs to ensure that students continued to receive world-class and world-first education and training in minerals higher education. Each review provided a list of recommendations that have since assisted our mining engineering, metallurgy, and geoscience consortiums in enhancing their offerings in areas of collaboration, learning, teaching, technology and graduate skills. In 2015, MTEC will come under independent external review.

MTEC is entering its 15th year of committed investment into and oversight of mining engineering, metallurgy and minerals geoscience higher education programs in Australia. In 2014 MTEC was awarded the (B/HERT) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Collaboration in Higher Education & Training. Like the reviews we commissioned of our programs, the broader MTEC review will help ensure we continue to offer a world-class and world-first service to our students, the minerals industry, and our education partners.

The review recommendations will be delivered to MTEC mid-year, and further information will be made available once these have been approved by the MCA board. MTEC looks forward to implementing these recommendations and enhancing our offerings in 2016 and beyond.

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