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PhD Poster on Brown Coal from IMARC Conference

3 Oct 2014

The Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC) in partnership with our MCA colleagues, took part in the inagural International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne from 22 to 26 August 2014. During the conference MTEC staff delighted in meeting students from around Australia who were showcasing their research, and one such student was Evone Tang.

Evone is currently a PhD Candidate at Monash University with the Department of Chemical Engineering. Evone also studied her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Monash and is looking forward to completing her studies by the end of 2014. The high quality of her work is evident from the poster, and she has been generous enough to share the poster with MTEC and we are delighted to present it on our website:


Granulation and Superheated Steam Drying of Brown Coal

By Evone Tang

Victorian brown coal contains very high moisture content (60-70wt%) and is prone to spontaneous combustion when dried which makes handling difficult and hazardous. One way to improve the handling properties of brown coal is through granulation of raw coal into coarse particles with desirable size and strength. However, brown coal is a very complex colloidal particle assembly which is soft, highly saturated, and shrinks considerably on drying.

The first part of the project focuses on developing a granulation regime map. This regime map aims to predict the granule growth behaviour of a formulation without the need to carry out experiments. It would help to understand how brown coal granulates which would be useful when designing or controlling brown coal granulation processes.

The second part of the project investigates the effect of different drying techniques: steam drying and conventional hot air drying on the granule physical properties such as morphology, granule porosity and crushing strength. Steam drying of coal is an attractive technology that not only offers reduction of fire and explosion hazards but also improves thermal efficiency.

To view Evone's poster click on the image to the right, or you can download the PDF here. Evone is looking for opportunities within the minerals industry, and you can reach her via

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