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Step 4: Develop and implement your career strategy

19 Feb 2014

Now that you know what your specific goals are, the process of developing an action plan will become much easier. Remember, prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance. The more you develop your career strategy, the more specific your action plan will become.

Think back to Step 3: Deciding on your goals, and the Goal Statements you have written. You may by now have a firm idea what you want to do, where you want to do it, and by when. The following check list will assist you in working through the steps you must take to get to that point.


Career Plan Check List


Yes or No

Do I need additional job skills, experience or information?


What areas of myself will I need to develop?


Do I need to develop a wider network or links with specific people?



Is there a course I need to do to gain a specific skill, qualifications or skills?



Do I need to find ways to demonstrate my skills?


Is there anyone I can ask, or has experience in, the career I am considering?


Can I do vacation work or is there opportunities to better understand the industry?


How are my communication skills now? At what level will they need to be in 10 years’ time? How can I improve this?


Have I spoken to a career councillor and/or faculty staff from a training organisation about your chosen career (or about career information generally)?


If I need to make some dramatic changes to my current course, working backwards, what are my immediate steps?


Do I have, or have access to, a mentor who can guide me through the more technical aspects of the job?


When preparing your career strategy action plan, include WHAT you will do and HOW you will do it. Make a list of people whose help you will seek and draw up a time plan of WHEN you will do each action. The timeframe should be at least 12 months, however, a longer period may be appropriate.

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