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Welcome to the re-vamped website. has been created to ensure you have access to resources and information that will help you on your journey. Maybe you’re a high school student trying to figure out what you might like to study at University, maybe you’re studying an MTEC sponsored program in Mining Engineering, Geoscience or Metallurgy;, or maybe you’re already a professional working and prospering in Australia’s largest export industry? Whatever stage of journey you are at, is here to help – from offering useful resources through to connecting you with your peers and other professionals within Australia’s minerals industry.



Why create a profile? By signing up to you will have access to resources, events, courses and other media exclusive to and design to assist you at certain stages of your journey, from high school to university and onto your professional career. is also a great social media and networking resource for Australian Minerals Professionals! Use to identify potential job opportunities, connect with other MTEC students, MTEC alumni, colleagues and past co-workers.

Soon, will be hooked up so you will be able to connect directly with your other social media presence, e.g. Facebook or Linkedin. An profile allows you to create an online presence specifically engineered for the Australian Minerals Industry.


The old MTEC professional development portal has been subsumed by and this is where you will find all of your professional development opportunities. However, we have ensured that events cover much, much more than just professional development.

In addition to PD courses, if you’ve signed up for a profile and would like to promote an event at your school or at your work, for instance a reunion or BBQ, send through your information to us and we will gladly post it on our home page and will soon be able to disseminate it electronically to your target audience.

Job Vacancies

As a unique networking platform for Australian Minerals Industry professionals, enables Minerals organisations to directly connect with MTEC professionals.


For the recruiter: offers you a ‘no-cost’ platform in which to promote your highly specialised roles to a network of highly skilled minerals professionals.

For the job seeker: Looking for Vacation work, or are looking for graduate employment? Maybe you’re a return to work mum with Superintendent experience? Whatever stage of career you’re at, the Job Vacancy tool on is here to help!


Why Blog? Many of the benefits of blogging are specific to industries. As professionals, or are working towards becoming one, there are issues and discussions happening that you should be involved in, have an understanding of, and contribute to.

The blog provides its members with a medium to present current industry and higher education issues, but also as a medium in which to touch on other specific site interests such as profile and success stories of minerals professionals, advice-style blogs for students, and other ‘of interest’ blogs.


The Resources tool will offer members with practical and useful information, which will assist you on your professional journey.

For example, ever wondered what qualities Minerals companies look for in their graduates, or even how to stand out from the crowd when drafting your resume? What about communication, ever wanted to improve your public speaking or communication skills? will cast the net wide in seeking out practical and useful resources for members.

Media will offer its members with video and other media about just about anything. There is also opportunity for members to send in their video, be they video blogs or a promotional video about an MCA company’s graduate program.

The MTEC Video Ambassadors: MTEC will be providing around 20 MTEC students and alumni with video cameras for them to shoot a day in their lives, which we will then post as Media. The purpose here is to demonstrate to prospective students the diversity and opportunity that exists within our dynamic industry.


The bread and butter for the Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC). will showcase all sponsored courses and their subset units within this website.

Prospective and current students will be able to get an understanding of what will lay ahead in either their Mining Engineering, Minerals Geoscience, Metallurgy or Associate Degree programs.

Within the course tool, scholarships will also be posted, because wants to ensure our students are given all the opportunities!