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Associate Degree of Geoscience

CQUniversity Associate Degree of Geoscience

Associate Degree of Geoscience graduates enjoy a wide variety of challenging career options across a range of industries and government sectors. As a geoscience associate you will apply your knowledge of geoscientific principles and practices.

They typically work in positions in national and international public and private industry sectors including the mining, geophysical exploration, energy, transportation, construction, and education industries.

Gain Needed Skills

Geoscience associate graduates, have specialised knowledge in:

  • obtaining and interpreting basic geological and geomechanical data;
  • the use and interpretation of maps, geographic information systems, and remote sensing imagery;
  • the geological processes which sculptured the earth since its formation;
  • the definition of and ability to identify the more common minerals and rock types;
  • the application of geophysical methods - seismic, magnetic, gravity, nuclear, electrical, electromagnetic to undertake geophysical surveys;
  • locating minerals and ore-bodies.

 What Type of Work is Waiting?

They typically work in positions such as a Geological Field Technician, Drill Rig Supervisor, Strata Control Technician and Support Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers and other Technical professionals with:

  • Open Pit & Underground mines;
  • Controlling the grade of the ore mined and locate extensions to ore deposits and defining the ore limits at the mine based on economic considerations;
  • High Wall mapping;
  • Underground mapping;
  • Data gathering (Data Management - Geology).

The Associate Degree of Geoscience program is based on the project-based learning philosophy which offers the opportunity to learn in context. This approach is designed to produce work-ready graduates with industry-relevant skills.

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