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MGH - Regolith Geoscience and Mineral Exploration

As a student enrolling in honours in 2015 at one of nine Australian Universities (Adelaide, ANU, Curtin, James Cook, Melbourne, Monash, Newcastle, UTas, UWA) you have the opportunity to participate in the Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC) Minerals Geoscience Honours Program (MGH).

This program offers a choice of nine (9) short courses, located across the country, that are specifically designed to provide you with skills and knowledge relevant to future employment in the mining and exploration industry. You are encouraged to enrol in two of the following courses; however it is also possible to attend only one course if your supervisor is in agreement. You should choose whichever two courses will be most useful to you and travel bursaries are available to help with travel to the courses.

Program: Part of the BSc (Hons) at the Australian National University and MTEC Minerals Geoscience Honours Program.

Course Provider: Australian National University

Dates: April 13-17, 2015

Location: Canberra, ACT

Delivery: Lectures, practicals and field excursions

About the Course: This course is focussed on regolith, a vital part of Australian landscapes that is becoming increasingly important in mineral exploration and land management. We begin by presenting basic and advanced concepts in the formation and evolution of regolith, including its physical and chemical characteristics, the physical and biogeochemical processes that affect its structure and composition, and the dispersion and concentration of elements. We follow with concepts and applications focussed specifically on geochemical and geophysical exploration methods that are used to assess mineralisation potential within and underneath the regolith. Field excursions will help to consolidate knowledge and understanding developed in lectures and practical exercises.

The Course is for: Eligible Honours students looking to take specialist courses to prepare them for work in the minerals, environmental and other industries, and professional exploration geoscientists wishing to extend their knowledge of and ability to explore in regolith-covered terrains.

+ Learning Outcomes

You will gain understanding of:

  • Key concepts of regolith characteristics and evolution;
  • Biophysical processes that affect the regolith, e.g., weathering, erosion and transport;
  • Regolith materials, including mineralogy and geochemistry;
  • Element dispersion and/or concentration in the regolith;
  • Exploration methods using geochemistry and geophysics for mineralisation within and below the regolith; and
  • Sampling and analytical methods for regolith, water and biota.

+ Course Content

  • Basic and advanced concepts in regolith geoscience;
  • Regolith characteristics, materials and evolution (in situ and transported);
  • Weathering and transport processes;
  • Methods for exploration geochemistry and geophysics in the regolith; and
  • Field excursions (day trips)

+ Course Presenter

Dr D.C. “Bear” McPhail, Prof Brad Pillans and others

+ Assessment & Credit

This course can be taken as a short course only, or taken for credit towards an Honours qualification in any participating MTEC university. For award credit (including future credit) assessment is required. The assessment will be based on short practical exercises submitted during the first 4 days, plus an exercise and report prepared and submitted on the final afternoon of the course.

+ Participents Should Bring

Normal clothing and material for field excursions, including appropriate safety items such as sunscreen, hats and water bottles.

+ Course Times

The course starts at 9am on April 13th and finishes at 5pm on Friday April 17th and all travel needs to be booked to accommodate this.

+ Registration & Enquiries

Registration: Use the online Registration Form.

Enquiries: Professor Brad Pillans Hon FRSNZ

Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200 Australia

Ph: +61 2 6125 9644 (office)
+61 2 6249 1507 (lab)
0427 662 112 (mob)


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