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Minerals Industry National Associate Degree (MINAD)

Looking to Move Your Career Forward?

The Minerals Industry National Associate Degree (MINAD) program seeks to provide educational pathways to existing workforce and new entrants by way of an Associate Degree program in the disciplines of Mining Engineering and Geoscience. Graduates of these industry endorsed and supported associate degree programs will move into a paraprofessional role in either mining engineering or geoscience. It is envisaged that the first gengeration of 'paraprofessionals' under the MINAD program will originate from within the exiting workforce and over time it is hoped that participating with extend to school leaves and mature-aged students.

MINAD Program aims:

  1. Provide a pathway for existing workforce to progress within their organisation and minerals industry.
  2. Enable four-year trained mining engineers and geoscientists to focus on higher level activities by redirecting tasks that are moderately technical and rountine in nature. 
  3. Deliver a collaborative and nationally consistent Associate Degree program via a consortium of higher education providers.
  4. Develop an alternative training channel in order to create a new pipleline of skilled labour
  5. Mobilise available skilled labour to stop labour cost super-inflation.

Why enrol on a MINAD program?

A Benifits Analysis Survey conducted by the MINAD project team of MCA members demonstrated that:

  • The recruitment of Associates (or paraprofessionals) from the existing workforce would enhance their employability within the minerals industry.
  • The recruitment of Associates from the existing workforce would add value to their respective company's operations.
  • The recruitment of Associates from communities close to mining operations would benifit those communities.
  • Associates would acquire new skills and knowledge currently in-demand in the minerals industry.
  • The establishment of an associate program woulc create new career pathways for trades people, experienced miners, supervisors, and plant operators.

Flexiable Learning

The MINAD program has been specifically designed for people managing fulltime work and juggling family and other committments. The University of Southern Queensland and Central Queensland University offer full-time or flexible parttime arrangements. It is our aim to ensure you have the right support to successfully complete the program.

+ Will my company support me?

The MINAD Project Team is currently working with MCA member companies to ensure MINAD Associate Degree candidates are provided with all the support they need to successfully complete the program. This engagement with MCA member companies will be completed by November 2014.

+ How long will it take to complete?

It depends on your respective circumstances, but normally it will take between 2-4 years. If you undertake the MINAD program via distance education, they may be a residential component involved.

+ Will it be nationally recognised?

Yes. Under the Australian Quality Framework, a MINAD  Graduates at this level will have broad knowledge and skills for paraprofessional/highly skilled work and/or further learning. You will have the opportunity to articulate onto a bachelor degree in your respetive discipline.

In addition, MINAD Paraprofessionals will be nationally recogised within the Australian minerals industry and be accredited by Engineers Australia.

+ Further Information

To download the MINAD Information Package click here.

If you seek futher information, please contact James Seaford, MINAD Project Coordinator, on 03 8614 1851 or

+ How to Enrol?

The MINAD programs are currently being offered at Central Queensland University and the University of Southern Queensland. See the course information pages to the right for information on the course and how to enrol.